Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Bar Z Winery

After we parked Mabel at Palo Duro State Park, we headed about 30 minutes west to Bar Z Wines, just outside of Canyon, Texas.
The road leading up to the winery had a pasture of horses not terribly concerned about rain in their future.
The back of the winery is a gigantic garage door and they were loading cases into a truck.  So, we ambled around the building to the "front", not really sure if they were open to customers. Note:  storm clouds in the distance...
But they were!  And the girlie who helped us pick a wine without charging us for tastings opened a tab for us and suggested the Sassy S.  We made ourselves at home on the back patio that had a sweeping view of the West Texas plains.  I loved these tile-accented tables and chairs and the breezes were quite nice!  Other than one other couple (who didn't sit outside) we were the only customers.
Um...are those storm clouds moving closer?
Looks far away, but out in the open, things can be deceiving.
We didn't think too much of it, though - it was so peaceful and beautiful on that darn patio.  The wine wasn't too shabby, either.
But after awhile it became clear that it was headed for us!  We scooched to the back of the patio wall and kept on enjoying our Happy Hour while a storm blew through!
I'm sure they need the rain as much as Central Texas does.
And pretty soon, the wine was gone and the sun was back out.
We took a couple of bottles to go and enjoyed one back at the campsite with shrimp wraps later that afternoon.
I wish this place wasn't so far away from us.  But you never know, we may take Mabel out that way again!

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