Friday, June 10, 2016

5 thing Friday - burgers, drinks, donuts, biscuits, onions

At Camp Rustown, we all celebrated the first day of summer with food, of course.
 The boys and I went to Hopdoddy's and enjoyed a massive amount of beef and potatoes.  I was not sorry, however I was still too full at dinnertime to eat more than apps with Hubby.
In the evening, Hubby and I discovered a cute little restaurant in a somewhat dicey area of town - Royal Jelly.  Very hipster, the food and drinks were unusual and very good, the Austin Mule and the Thai lettuce wraps, in particular.  We have decided that fresh mint in a summer cocktail is just the thing.  So we are enjoying fresh limeade with vodka or bourbon and some mint.  Deeelightful.  And hello - cheaper to do at home.
 Someone brought these donuts to work on Saturday...
They are diabolical.  Most of them involved chocolate and peanut butter or banana.  We grabbed a plastic knife and cut sections off them all day long til they were gone.  I had a massive headache from sugar ups and downs for 12 hours...
 Look, more carbs.  This is the lazy mom version of biscuits with sausage for boys who like to sleep in.  Needless to say, we aren't doing much besides eating so far.  However, Bubbie and I managed to make our way over the Central Market for an "assortment of fruit" - his request.
We bought melon, apples, Apriums, mangoes, Asian pears... but had to look at everything.  Tomato World was impressive.
And if you want mushrooms of any kind, this is the place.  I also bought about 6 pounds of 1015 onions to make carmelized onions in the crock pot.  Here they are pictured after cooking all night.  They have a ways to go before they are deep caramel-y brown.
I think they will pair well with burgers, grilled cheese, scrambled eggs, or just about anything.  And no one here seems to mind the house smelling like buttery onions!  So, other than food and drink, there's not much else going on here this week.  But next week The Girl will visit and we get Bubbie ready for Philmont, so things will kick into high gear.
  Happy Weekend!

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