Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tiny simple Christmas tour at our house!

{Instead of one word Wednesday, let's take a tiny tour of Camp Rustown}
This year I am soooo happy to be able to do all of my own shopping and decorating, no matter how stressed I feel.  But, in any case, I kept it simple.  And I used a lot of what I already had.
I have used the same wreath form for years and just recycled the picks and sprays and whatnot.  This year I bought red burlap ribbon to spruce it up.
The tree was cut by Hubby and the boys from Elgin Tree Farm - they chose a 8.5 footer, so I ended up buying a 48 piece ornament set from Wal-Mart to fill in the empty spaces. Had I been able to shop at the end of the season last year, I would have bought more ribbon to trail down from the topper.  Next year, year...
Beautiful Pier One inspired candle holder from my friend Carol.  I am really loving those LED candles since they can go just about anywhere!
China cabinet is prettied up with red ribbon, candles, berry sprays...
Card holder from Firstborn - made in Scouts years ago, 
and button pillow made by me many years ago.  I didn't make any crafts this year, but I have a LOT of ideas for what I want to make next year, and I swear I will get started early!
The kids' tree. And the den:

So not fancy.  And a bunch of it could be left out through January.
I added some vintage yarn ornaments to a small tree in the boys' bathroom.
The soldier was made by The Girl.
Even my bathroom got a small tree and candle.
And the bedroom shelves got tiny trees and a Santa.
I hung a wreath in the kitchen window, added the tiny pinecone trees in pots, and we light a candle at the kitchen table most every day.  It's such a peaceful place to sit.
I'm finding I really love the simple decor.

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Simply LKJ said...

Beautiful Gina. Merry Christmas!!


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