Monday, December 7, 2015

The hot chocolate bar is open!

This is the third or fourth year I have put together this little arrangement in the kitchen.  Not only does it make the kitchen a little cozier, but it's such a treat for anyone who wants a warm cup of sweet something on a cold day.
Last year I used items I found at Dollar Tree - no idea where those have gotten to.  I probably purged them when I organized the kitchen in January.  I did use the same big round tray from years' past - this one was $2 from Academy.  I laid one of my mother's crochet doilies in it for pretty.
Rumaged in the cabinets and found various mason jars and a decorative apothecary style jar for mini chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and those melting candy cane sticks. (you can find those at Target and they are great in hot drinks!)
 I found this mix at Trader Joe's - sounds delightful.
The Girl bought some instant hot chocolate at Thanksgiving, so I added that, plus the Pumpkin Spice Kahlua I got for my birthday.  So good in hot chocolate!  One of our many Christmas mugs from over the years holds stirring spoons.
We have a lot of Christmas mugs - lots of sentimental value here.  Some of them date back to when my kids were in elementary school.  My peeps have all loved coffee and hot chocolate.
My late MIL sent us this Santa years ago - last year he held greenery, but I usually put candy canes in him, just for fun!
I cleared a big spot on the coffee counter, under the soft glow of a lamp.  It makes me want a hot cuppa right now...

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