Monday, November 2, 2015

Sewing for Mabel

Some of the sewing projects I've been getting done lately are purely utilitarian.  Case in point:  Hubby purchased a memory foam pad for Mabel, and enclosed it in a zippered waterproof cover.  It makes for a firm and comfy bed, but to get a fitted sheet on it is a challenge.  And we really need it to be a comfy sleeping mat.  Enter the duvet cover.
Anyone can make a duvet cover.  It's just essentially a giant pillowcase for a comforter.  {In this case, a memory foam mattress pad}  When I laid it all out, I realized I probably could have gotten away with buying two queen size sheets for this, but having the extra fabric from the two king size sheets came in handy as the extra fabric went to making matching pillow cases.
I laid the pad out, trimmed off the extra fabric, then carefully pinned the edges, tucking the raw edges under while sewing so they wouldn't fray when I washed the whole thing.  {And I washed the sheets before I cut and sewed, too}
See those edges?  Perfect pillow case edges!  Mabel gets a complete set of new linens!
When I had finished sewing, I tucked the mattress pad into the new duvet, tied it up in a roll with a leftover piece of sheet hem.  This roll fits neatly into Mabel, behind the back cushions.  And wah-la, we now have a comfy pad covered by a remove-able sheet to sleep on.  I also restored  two very worn out camp pillows by making them into toss pillows with new inserts:
Now, where should we take Mabel next?

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