Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New wine club members

In honor of our anniversary, and because we'd been tempted at other wineries to do this, we joined the Silver Spur Wine Club at Driftwood Estates.  It was the first time we'd been to a tasting where everything seemed to come together - the quality of the wine, the price, and the ease of getting there to pick it up and attend special events.
 We enjoyed a bottle of Red Rhythm, some gorgeous early Fall weather, and a wood fired pizza for two.  Plus, the views were none too shabby as the shady picnic area looked over acres of grapevines.
I'm sure we will still visit new places, though.  So much fun to discover!
 I think it's going to be great to plan a getaway to the country to attend the wine parties and pick up our wines.  Not sure if we will take Mabel, or just find a B&B, though I like the idea of not having to work so hard for set-up and take-down on Mabel.  Kills the wine vibe!
Such a pretty area - can't wait to go back!

*I know this is a happy post - we had a really good time.  And I realize that today's post on It's Just me, Gina sounds like I am in the depths of despair.  Welcome to my roller coaster!


Simply LKJ said...

Thanks sound wonderful! Enjoy!!

Brandi said...

Sounds like great couple time!


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