Friday, October 23, 2015

5 thing Friday - steaks, healthy habits, cross stitchin', chores, mariachis

Hubby and I recently celebrated our anniversary in style.  A fabulous dinner was had at this place in downtown Austin.  Wish we could eat there once a week!  I'm thinking about asking to go there on my birthday, too.
 I may have put on heels and a dress and wore makeup!
That didn't stop me from feeling critical of myself in this photo, tho...I really want to drop a few pounds and get ready for Turkey Trot.  So, I've been counting my calories and walking as much as possible. On the list of things to buy is a bike, but for now, I walk around the neighborhood, and at a local track.
 After I went yesterday (in a dress and Chaco's, post catering volunteering for the band), I realized I need to be prepared in case I am out and about and want to do a few laps.  So I put together a box I will keep in the car - tennies, socks, ear buds, Gatorade.  All I need is my phone and a lanyard for my car key and I'm ret to GO!
 It's cheesy.  I no care. And, I'm an artist...
Proof:  I made my friend Carol a cross stitch of a saying her hubby likes to use on her.  It's hilarious!  It's also not perfect.  But as we all know, it doesn't have to be perfect to bless her. I sent it to her with chocolate, because duh, chocolate.
We interrupt this blog post to state that the situation in Camp Rustown's kitchen has not changed.  My island looks like this at least once a day.  I am so weary of doing dishes.  Really.  I would choose to do laundry over dishes any day!  And now there's only four of us, so how we make all these dirty dishes is a mystery.
One day last week, I had the car serviced.  After sitting at the dealership, without breakfast, for two hours, I was ready to gnaw my arm off.  I stopped in to the first little Mexican restaurant I came to for the lunch special, closely followed in by a mariachi flash mob.  My ears are still ringing, and they weren't even good.  Everyone is a live music critic in Austin,  Texas!


bj said...

Hi, Gina...first off, you look fantastic and the prettiest hair...
I am going to make a box just like your Ready Set Go...I am always seeing a park or track that I'd love to walk and ....wearing flip flops....thanks for the inspiration. Lucky friend to receive the cuteness...AND...chocolate..:)

Jennifer Juniper said...

The box in the car is genius - going to copy that for my car so I can walk during football practice!


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