Friday, March 27, 2015

5 thing Friday - leaves, storage, plants, tape, Wii Fit

It is a losing battle here against the oak trees.  In the early spring every single freaking leaf falls from them.  I rake every few days just to keep up.  A short time later, we are inundated with pollen and those little crackly things.  You cannot win.
 It makes it 100 times worse if it rains.  Our patio is a giant MESS.
More leaves fall every time a breeze blows through or it rains.  This weekend I will rake and sweep. Consider it part of my home therapy program...There is a LOT of yardwork we need to attend to.  Trimming lantana, raking leaves, pulling weeds.
 My friend Carol used a boot box to transport Christmas gifts to us.  It's the perfect size for storage in my closet.  Sorry, Carol, I'm keeping it!  I glued some wrapping paper on and tied it with a bow.  Inside are day runner inserts and datebooks spanning 20+ years.  In a way, they are my journals.  Reading them gives me a sense of how insane different life was when I had four young ones at home.
 My plant babies languished in the garage for 4 months.  I am surprised they all lived.  The big ones got put back in the backyard.  All of them got fed.  I like the look of real potted plants in terra cotta.
Kinesiology tape - have you ever seen this stuff?  My PT lady was not 100% on board with it, but wanted to give it a try, so I said sure.  Anything and everything that might help me, I will do.  She also suggested I use the Wii Fit that I have *cough* never used.
Our console had long since ceased to play games, but a trip to Game Over and $60 got us a new one.  I'm not sure why I never even tried it - it's seriously kicking my rear on the balance games.  And improving my balance is high on the PT's list of things I need to do.  One week left to go before I return to work!

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Rue said...

Yardwork is exactly what I'll be doing this weekend. This time it's the backyard, which is a mess.

That boot box looks really cute!

Nathalie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog:) We're having the same problem with oak leaves here in Central Florida. We've had to cut down a number of the trees around our house in the past few years so it's not as bad as it used to be, but my husband is still raking leaves every weekend from February through mid April! And the's so horrible! My black SUV is completely covered in green pollen and since we don't have a garage or carport, I don't bother washing it off because I'd have to do that every day.

Good luck with your recovery, I'll have to read back to see what happened to you. Yikes. Do those strips really work? I've seen athletes with them and it always puzzled me how thin strips of tape would actually help.


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