Friday, January 2, 2015

5 thing Friday - The Girl at our house, breakfast out, a scowler, blog changes, return to work

The holidays have come and gone in a blur, as per usual.  And since my camera was often out of my reach, the only pics I have to post are from my phone, which does a less than stellar job.  Oh well. We invented a drink for Christmas Eve - Bailey's, whiskey, Coca Cola.  Tasted like an ice cream float!  {But I still missed my martinis.}
We enjoyed a two day visit from The Girl, hot off the graduation stage.  She was rested and happy!
 She brought us a new board game to play.  It was LOUD and lots of fun.
 She also baked and frosted Bubbie's birthday cupcakes on Christmas afternoon.  And we had a delish dinner of spiral sliced ham, steakhouse mac and cheese, broccoli, and dinner rolls.  Everything was so good!
Her gift to us was Christmas candy - Reindeer Noses.  The red ones are You Know Who.   She's pretty darn handy to have around with her mad "I'm out of College" cooking skillz.  I will worry for her and miss her come January 5th when she heads to Florida for training, then Houston for her internship.  I will be chewing my nails down to the quick.  So much for growing them back.
 Yes, it's true!  I drove myself to physical therapy this week, and took the boys out to breakfast at Cafe Java.  I had the barbacoa tacos with beans, hashbrowns,and eggs.  The most glorious breakfast since our anniversary trip.  Bubbie still refuses to simply smile for pics.  So, you're welcome for yet another scowl of his.  He's 16, people.  'Nuff said.
 As much as I like tinkering with my blog, there are changes to be made.  Instead of posting a mealplan on Mondays, I'm going to post a recipe. (Thanks to Carol, for the suggestion!)  And on Wednesday, I will post one word and a photo - maybe that will inspire me to take better pics, we'll see...And hopefully, I can make up for lost time on the home front and with crafting.  I am looking forward to a great year!
I miss my job.  Really.  I am so ready to get back.  As of this post I am on one crutch around the house, driving myself, and 12 days from the end of my FMLA.  It's go time!  I'll either be ready to return, or very very close to.  Wish me luck!
And Happy New Year!

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