Friday, November 14, 2014

My Little World

My little world has now expanded to include the front room and my desk.  The gravity lounger is still set up, but in the den now, not the bedroom.  In some small way, I feel like I'm making progress from Invalid to Healing Person.  Plus, I see my peeps more often from the front room.  And I can watch TV with them in the den, too!
 I was able to sit and take care of two and a half weeks of things that just magically piled up: bills, appointments to make (or cancel), Christmas shopping on-line, blog posting, menus, etc., etc.  It's being able to do all those little things that make me feel on top of life again.  And when I get tired, or it's time for my hourly PT exercises, I hobble 8 feet behind me to this:
I actually slept here the last couple of nights, too, as the couch cushions have way more support than my bed pillows and this couch is wide, looong, and so comfy.  So, that's my world now.  Getting bigger and better each week.  
Happy weekend, all - stay warm!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I will pray you heal quickly. That couch does look really comfy.


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