Monday, October 6, 2014

Mealplan Monday #131 and a good place to drink beer

Hubby and I have discovered an unlikely place to hang out on a Friday night - the Beer Shack at Whole Foods.  Really close to our house and reasonably priced. 
 They have a HUGE selection of beers on tap - our fav so far is the 512 Pecan Porter.
 Oooh...and they serve oysters grilled or raw.  I think we should stick to the raw - the grilled ones are tasty, but a little dry.  The view from our perch in the Beer Shack includes the wine section - and on Fridays you can literally stroll around the whole area trying different samples of wine.
Monday - Baked Spagetti, salad
Tuesday - Pizza?
Wednesday - Cowboy Quiche, salad
Thursday - Chipotle Chicken and Pumpkin Soup, honey corn muffins
Friday - Cubed Steak Sammie on French rolls, baked sweet potatoe
Saturday - Dad grill
Sunday - BBQ Burger Beans, garlic toast (heat and eat)
Dessert will be ice cream this week
We had a good time last Friday being silly in selfies...
...and on the outside patio watching the traffic on North Mopac. They close at 10, but it would be an early Friday night for us anyway since I have to work the next day. 
Just doing our part to Keep Austin Weird...

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