Monday, September 22, 2014

Mealplan Monday #129 and things that make me laugh

I came across something funny while I was using the expansion drive recently.  Apparently, Hubby had saved a file called "Mom's 50th birthday" with pictures they took to make me this:
I was supposed to wear it at work since it's made to look like a badge.  I think I took it to show everyone - the pictures were so cute I laughed all over again.
The first tag said "Your name is Gina - pronounced "GEENAH"
Firstborn (20) up a tree with the sign...
The Girl (19), posing at her job that day,
Monday - Dr. Martin's Mix, cheesey garlic toast
Tuesday - Pork Chops, beans and tomatoes
Wednesday - Baked Tacos, salad with avocado
Thursday - Swiss Chicken, homemade masheds, green beans
Friday - Crusty Baked Tilapia, Ranch Mac and Cheese, salad
Saturday - Dad grill
Sunday - Salsa Spinach Chicken, Spanish rice, corn (never had this a couple weeks ago)*
Dessert will be Pumpkin Brownies
*This seems to happen a lot lately!
Scout (15), with his euphonium...
Bubbie (almost 12) in the backyard  {OMG how tiny was he!}
Hubby at the BBQ grill.  His tag says his name is MARK when he's in trouble.  Too funny! The tags included stuff like  "Here is where you work, here is where you live" (with photos and a Google map).  It included a picture of my car with the caption "God only knows where your keys are".  It made me laugh all over again!  So I went and found the tags and gave them a place to hang over my desk so I can smile every time I see it.
I need to make one of these for Hubby...

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