Monday, September 15, 2014

Mealplan Monday #128 and the boys

Sometimes my kids make me want to spank them til their heads fall off.  They can be smartalecky, stubborn, hard to get along with, and just plain ridiculous.
{Too bad I was never a spanker, right? } 
But seriously, they pluck my last nerve til I am ready to cry.  Then they will make me proud, or laugh to make up for it...
Such was the case while we were in Dallas.  All in all, I think they handled the weekend better than their mom did.  Their calm demeanor at the funeral was beyond reproach.  While I was a crying mess, they were able to keep it in perspective.  While everyone was proselytizing about how my SIL wouldn't want us to be sad and crying, and all the while crying...
Monday - Chicken and Dumplings
Tuesday - Meatball Subs, Rosemary Fries (we never had this week before last...)
Wednesday - Easy Chicken Enchiladas, salad*
Thursday - OUT - Game Night
Friday - Brisket Sammies, chips
Saturday - YOYO, camping weekend
Sunday - Mississippi Crock Pot Roast, masheds, green beans
*Recipe coming soon
Dessert this week is Easy Spice-y Pumpkin Cake  (cause I can't wait for the Season Of Pumpkin!)
...Scout and Bubbie heard what was said and took it to heart.  Sharon would have laughed at their silly selfies outside of the funeral home.  She would have engaged them in conversation and reminisced about how similar they are to their dad.  Being sociable was what Sharon always was.  She loved life and she loved laughing.
She would have thought they were cute and fun to hang out with.  
And they are, for the most part.
Sweet boys.  How you drive me crazy.  And make my heart glad.  
And let God and Sharon speak to my heart.  All at the same time...


Simply LKJ said...

Yes, the children are often the ones to keep things in perspective in difficult situations. Your meals look yummy. I am ready for fall dishes!

Michelle said...

Our kids can take us on so many emotional rides. But they are so worth it.


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