Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Closet and drawer prep for clothes shopping!

I re-organized all of my clothes in preparation for getting some new things to wear.  I am tired of looking in the closet and choosing the same old things, some that I have had for years.  Some don't flatter, others I have nothing to wear with.  I needed to weed through it.
 Sugar was right in the way helped.
I pulled each drawer out of the dresser and went through it with a critical eye.  If it was stained, misshapen, or too big/small, out it went.  I ended up with a small laundry basket of items to give away.  I've been doing this for years with the kid stuff, too.  It gets taken to Goodwill or left outside of the garage for ARC to pick up.
 My tee shirt drawer is FULL.  No more tees for me, please.  I wear them all the time, but seriously, no more.  I tucked some unwrapped bars of soap in there to make them smell nice.
 I tossed about half of my socks.  Ditto for old undies and bras that were too tight.  There's just no sense in having a billion of something.  And digging through these drawers on work mornings is for the birds. 
 I went thru the hanging things, too. Then I made a list of some basics I need to get in order to make complete outfits:  a solid color jumper, a pair of nice jeans to wear with heels, a pair of brown clogs, some low heels for skirts, a couple of button down tops to wear with skirts.  I organized all of it by function or sleeve length and weeded out those two hanging shoe organizers as well. Next up will be emptying the shelves in there, but that's another project for another day...
 Time to clothes shop!


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Michelle said...

I so need to do this!!!!!!!!!!


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