Friday, August 29, 2014

You'll never know

How much all that you did meant to me.  From the moment Hubby and I started dating in college, you welcomed me into your family with open arms.
 You spent the afternoon of my wedding ironing all of the fancy tablecloths - with a smile on your face.
 And still managed to be a beautiful bridesmaid who just beamed with happiness on our special day.
 You were never camera shy, even if my wee ones were - they loved being around bubbly and fun Aunt Sharon.  Always up for a tickle and a cuddle!
You were a second mother to Hubby and always thought he was fabulous - you made him feel loved, helping and encouraging him to stay on the right path.
You shared in our joys as we expanded our family, even if it caused you to ponder if we'd lost our minds by the fourth always wanted to live closer saying that the miles were too many.  You were right.  I learned so much from you about keeping a home and raising kids.  You were such a great role model.
You were so much fun to be around, so lively, so alive.  Your home was always warm and welcoming and we all felt happy to be with you and your family.  You waited on us hand and foot - the most gracious, loving hostess who was so happy to see us!
Being with you around the holidays was especially nice - you were up for games and wine drinking and more camera silliness.
And you shed real tears of joy whenever you saw us after an extended time - you were completely and totally in love with all things family.  
I will miss you more than I could ever tell you, but I could never express all that you meant to me.  And I, like everyone else, will find it so hard to say goodbye.

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Simply LKJ said...

Gina, so sorry to hear of your loss! Praying for peace, and that those wonderful memories help ease the pain.


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