Monday, August 18, 2014

Mealplan Monday #124 and a sore knee

I had the best of intentions on getting the mealplan posted this morning...but things just didn't go my way...
My knee has decided to wage war on the rest of me.  After a weekend spent taking Aleve, using Icy Hot, and limping around like an assault victim, I made an appointment with my regular doc.  Result - possible osteoarthritis.  Still more testing to come, though.  And for dinner tonight Ill be having tramadol.  Everyone else will have:
Monday - Mediterranean Pork Chops, rice, green beans
Tuesday - Order pizza out (we're going to start doing this every Tuesday for a while)
Wednesday - Chicken tacos, beans, pico de gallo
Thursday - Bacon Cheeseburger Skillet, carrots
Friday - Turkey Lazy Daisy Meatballs, masheds, limas
Saturday - Dad grill
Sunday - Ham and Cheese party sammies, chips, coleslaw
My doc actually asked me if I had started a new exercise program.  Um, no. But probably I should.

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