Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Minor mirror improvement

Years ago I added one of those pre-cut vinyl signs to a mirror in the front room:
I really love how it turned out.  I have since removed the faux greenery and switched up the pictures on either side of it to some vintage plaques from my MIL, plus the entire room was painted.  Here's how it looks today:
It's still hard to get a picture of it...but I like the way the gold and black lettering play on the mirror and with the rest of the decor in here. 
Anyhoo, I found another one I liked on clearance at Kohl's.  I love clearance stuff at Kohl's!
Wow!  Plus it was 15% off that.  So, I had to buy it for the mirror in the master bathroom.
Which is even more devilish to photograph...
I probably could have spaced the top sentence a little closer down, but I am ok with it...perfection is not attainable! At least, not by me...
The wallpaper in here is busy, but I love it. Eventually I would like to frame out this giant mirror - but I need Hubby to get on board with it - we have plenty of scrap trim in the garage.  Just need to trim it, paint it, and get it up there!
These sticky vinyl signs are tricky - the gold lettering stays tacky and gluey for a while but it will smear a little less every time you clean the glass until it finally hardens and is set. 
Whatcha think?

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