Friday, September 6, 2013

Recycling soap

Before The Girl left, we fished out all of the bars of soap that had been hiding in her clothes for YEARS.  Yes, I am not kidding, years.  She brought me at least 7 bars of soap. I have a habit of unwrapping soap and tucking it into folded clothes and linens to make them smell nice.  I eventually use the soap, but in this instance there was so much of it, that she and I went to town with a cheese grater and made it into soap flakes.
I've done this in the past where I've added it to the ingredients for homemade soap, but this time I sent a bunch of it with her and kept some for myself to add in to a load of towels or sheets here and there.  Smells wonderful!  
Do you ever recycle your soap bars, or do you just toss them?

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