Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Custom burlap mat - take that, framing lady!

We have portraits all over the house - it's one of my favorite things about my home.  But this picture here?  Not my favorite.  I don't know why - maybe it's that crazy dress, my daughter's off-side ponytail, and Scout's military, it seems like the colors are any case, it's us and it stays.
 It was taken in 2000, and has hung in a plain jane oak frame for years.  Recently, my sister gave me a heavy gold frame that I thought would do a better job with this portrait.  Alas, the mat opening was too small.  The snooty lady at Joann refused to cut it down for me, even though I had measured it out.  HMPH.
In this dark bookcase nook, it's hard to tell but the mat is nice against the gold of the frame.  Here's how I got my own custom mat:
 Using my cutting mat and handy dandy rotary cutter, I made the mat opening the right size.  (Shoulda done that to begin with, I know)
 Then it occurred to me that I could disguise my homemade cut job by wrapping the mat in burlap, and add texture to the frame job at the same time.  I carefully laid out some white burlap*,
...and using craft glue I wrapped it around the mat, gluing to the back.  I "mitre-d' the edges by just cutting a straight line and gluing it carefully...see:
When the glue dries, no one will know.  And if they do, they better have the manners not to mention it to me!
Nope, you can't tell.
Don't even lie.
And back it went on the wall.  At one point I was going to hop on the subway art bandwagon and replace this portrait with trendy art.
Now I'm glad I didn't.

*Leftover from covering the French memo boards again
 Pretty detail, no?
Gotta love burlap!

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