Friday, March 15, 2013

Austin mural photo scavenger hunt

On Wednesday we got out to play in the craaaazy Austin SXSW traffic and take the Austin Mural Photo Scavenger Hunt from Are We There Yet, Mom?  So much fun to get out and about, finding our way around enjoying the beautiful weather!  We couldn't do all of them in one day, but here's the three that we found:
For this one we simply parked in the Greater Austin United Way's parking lot - it is right off MLK and IH35.  I had Scout take one of me by myself to send to Hubby, too...
 This one took some doing as traffic on South Lamar was ridiculous at 4 p.m.  
Scout thumb upped every one...
The sloooow drive down the crowded street was great for people watching.
And look at this other wacky graffiti mural we couldn't stop at but will come back to, maybe in the summer:
Next up, a friendly hello:
For this one, we parked at a nearby McDonald's and walked a block over, stopping at Cornucopia to sample popcorn on the way back.  Fun!
I think it would also be fun to pose at some Austin businesses that have fun or artsy signs out front, like these:
In between all the photo scavenging we ate and thrift shopped.  And we were all worn out by dinnertime - mission accomplished for Wednesday.

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Rosalinda Hone said...

Murals are simply a representation of an individuals' creativity. They express their thoughts, feelings, and emotions through their art. Austin's mural photo scavenger hunt is great. You were able to help spread the artists' messages by taking part in the activity.

Rosalinda Hone @ Riddle Me


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