Friday, March 8, 2013

Adventures in Spring yardwork

About a week ago, we had some hellashus high winds that whipped the crap outta my neighborhood.  Namely, my yard was buried in leaves.  Oh, and also I had the garage door opened a tad, so, yeah...the garage was full of leaves, too.  Looks like March is here. 
My motley crew of potted plants that have been wintering in the garage.  Today I need to re-pot some of them, giving them new potting soil and water.  And some of them get new homes. 
Ok, first I had to straighten out the garage and sweep it out.  I have spared you the sight of the "before".  Every time the boys come home from camping its a disaster in here with crap all over the floor and overflowing out of the footlockers.  Oh, look, the Christmas tree...
Nice.  Only took me a couple hours...I put new soil, new mulch, watered them, let them stay out in the afternoon sun.  It's only froze a handful of times this Winter, and I'm thinking Spring might as well officially be here.  In case you live up north somewhere, here is a picture of what weather is like in Texas;
Some of the plants I had been saving went bye-bye.  
This one is the only new one I bought:
A lavendar plant that will live on the deck.  I hope it does well; it smells heavenly.
This is the front yard AFTER I raked up 6 large bags of leaves and breathed in I don't know how much dust.  We've had scant rain.  My lips and hands feel like they are permanently chapped.  Now if hubby will mow the rest of the leave remnants in and edge the lawn.  Then I can RE-rake the backyard.  Grrr...
I ran out of bags or I would have done something about the back patio, which is covered in leaves and twigs from the wind gusts of 50 mph.  Oh well, there's always next week.  And I will have helpers since it's Spring Break.  (:

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