Friday, January 4, 2013

Awesome things

Last time I visited Brenham my mother gave me this large pickle jar.  She wasn't saving it for anything, just happened to have it. At first, I thought it would be fun to paint the lid, screw in a decorative knob, and then store thread, buttons, corks...
I cleaned the extra glue off the outside and wiped it all down.
Then set to work creating a Thankful Jar - something I saw on Facebook.  You write down the great things that happen during the year and on New Year's Day, you read them and reflect on the positive.  Kind of like an affirmation exercise....after Christmas and the holidays are coming to a close, when everyone generally feels the blahs in full force.  I'm not going to make resolutions - those never last.  This is something I will see all year.
I bought some ribbon at Joann's after-Christmas clearance and used some scrapbooking paper I already had,  Chose a font or two to make my spiffy sign, and stacked them all together with a glue stick.  Clear packaging tape holds it onto the glass.
I'm not sure that Hubby and the boys will add to the jar, but I will.  I can even add things don't don't happen to me personally.  And I think it will be a fun family thing to open the jar while we enjoy our New Year's dinner and read about Awesome Stuff that happened in 2013!  Now, to get on with my day and make those good things happen...

I retired the jar to the garage around March - just seemed like some very un-awesome things were happening in our lives.  have you ever felt that way?  Like someone pee'd in your Wheaties?  Yeah, it was like that...still trying to see the positive in life here, just not writing it all down...

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Michelle said...

I have a big pickle jar that I didn't know what to do with. Thanks for the idea.

Marie said...

I like that! :)


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