Monday, September 3, 2012

Mealplan Monday #24 and memories of the beach

The last week of Summer I gathered up 3 of my minions and traveled to the beach.  It wasn't fancy, but we had a good time.  I dream of taking them ALL someplace for more than a couple of days.  Someplace exotic and truly beautiful.  But it just isn't in the cards for now.  So hard to get all of us in one place, at one time.  Then there's the money...blah blah, excuse excuse...
 It was relaxing and a good "time out" for us - walking the beach in the early morning picking up shells...not a thought in our heads about school starting the next week...but here it is the second week of school already!

Monday - Dad grills, bourbon baked beans, potato salad
Tuesday - Baked Tilapia, freezer mac and cheese, green beans
Wednesday - Navy Bean soup with grilled sausage, Ciabatta rolls
Thursday - Chicken and Spinach Bake, carrots
Friday - Parmesan Chicken Whip Up*, mashed potatoes, peas
Saturday - Dad grills (twice in one week!)
Sunday - Turkey Sloppy Joes, sweet potato tots
*posting recipe soon!
I took all the shells we collected one day and placed them in a pickle jar that I had spray painted the lid with ORB
Now every time I see the shells I think of our time at the beach and I dream of future vacations...and so enjoy NO SCHOOL today!
Happy Labor Day (:

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Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

I love the pickle jar with the shells Gina! Wonderful keepsake! Have a great first week of back to school with the minions! Angie xo


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