Friday, June 1, 2012

Rolo Ritz Cookies

I happened upon a blog called Something Swanky and discovered these simple delicious cookies.
Ashton has some fun and amazing recipes for goodies.
In the time it took to unwrap a bag of Rolos, Scout had the crackers all layed out on a cookie sheet.  We topped each one with a Rolo, put in the oven for 4 minutes, then topped them with another cracker, pressing down.  Cooled them, and called it dessert.
We may have sampled a few warm from the oven...
Seriously, what could be easier?  
They are salty sweet chocolate buttery yum.  Go make some.
The perfect summer cookie!
Today will be our catch up day - yesterday was all about lazing around (for the boys, not me)
and watching The Avengers whilst stuffing our faces with burgers...
ahhh..I love Summer!


Stephanie Carlson said...

YUM! I need to make these. Thanks for visiting my site so I could find this wonderful recipe! Have a great weekend.

mjskit said...

Oh my! How every clever! Love rolos and love Ritz so these are great little treats! AND SO easy!


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