Friday, January 20, 2012

A simple birthday cake

That's what I wanted for Firstborn.  The holidays and all it's baking did a toll on me and I was looking for something simple.  Of course, The Chronicle delivered.  Chronicle recipes are awesome - submitted by some of the greatest cooks in Texas!  Mine came out super moist and coconutty.
It was so moist the powdered sugar flat out disappeared.  Made no difference at all served with Chocolate Swirl Malt Crunch ice cream.  I'm just sayin'.
It was pretty non-healthy, party kind of meal.  That's OK on people's birthdays, people.  
We had ribs from Rudy's, pizza, salad, and an olive relish tray.
Oh, and beer.
It's been a whole three weeks since we've ordered pizza...
But it's such an easy meal that boy-type people love. Well, he's really not a boy any more...
Still hard for me to wrap my head around him being 22 ...
And that cake, in all it's moist leftover glory, is still staring me in the face.
Gonna have to freeze it unless Firstborn gets to eating it up soon...

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