Monday, January 31, 2011

Dining room plans

The trouble with this room:
Well, in fact, there are many troubles here...The shiny of the brass fixture, the mint green Martha Stewart paint, the curtains (yuck), and the un-inspired decor in general.  I love the mirror, the furniture, and the stained glass cling on that window.  But this room need s a re-vamp for sure!  I purchased a couple gallons of paint in "Tobacco Leaf" - a neutral that I think will go better with the earthy colors of the textiles in here, but I am leaning towards putting wainscotting below the chair rail, and that makes me a bit nervous.  I'm not exactly a Handy Woman when it comes to tools!
See what I mean about it being un-inspired?  I have since moved those two small line drawings of a church in Galveston...and those portraits need to be restored and re-framed.  And the green looks different on each wall because mama didn't buy flat paint... the sheen of the paint makes a big difference.  It's starting to get under my skin a little more each time I pass through here.  But this week we are expecting a cold front and I won't be able to throw open all the doors and windows in here and really go to town with the painting.  So, I'm still laying my plans for one big dining room re-do week - Whatcha think?


Marie said...

Well, let me see if my HGTV watching
will! Love that channel!
The first thing I saw was the light
fixture. You could spray paint it black or silver. Needs to be lowered
to about 36"ish above the table to give it a warmer feel. Neutralizing the paint is a great idea. Do you have a view out that window? What is
the focus of this area. Where the hutch is seems like a walkway. I could see a bench there and put the hutch elsewhere? Don't know. Would have to see the entire area.
More neutral curtains..but again, would have to see whole area.
I am having fun decorating your room :)

Heather@myeverydaygraces said...

Hi Gina,
Love, love your mid century Danish furniture!

I like what Marie said about spraying the light... I just did that to a bathroom fixture and love it.
Can you take the curtains down? It looks like there might be more window covering behind it? I would probably take the Ivy down, too.
In our dining/living room we have a very simple wainscotting... basically picture frames glued onto the wall and then painted. I think you can see them if you take the tour on my side bar.

I think you have a lot to work with! Good stuff:)

Cannary Family said...

Here are the suggestions I am considering:

Losing the ivy over the mirror
Repainting, then lowering the light fixture
Taking the dratted curtains down - yes there are cellular shades underneath them. Maybe a different look for curtains?

Furniture has to stay put because there isn't another wall to place that china cab on. Still waiting for prettier weather to begin so i am open to more ideas!


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