Monday, November 8, 2010

Gettin' ready

I'm one of those people who love Thanksgiving so much, she plans her menu and her grocery list weeks in advance.  The sort of person who finishes up projects around the house because I want our home to look nice for friends and relatives.  The sort of woman who is a little OCD about the table decor. (no, really)  I would like to say I just throw it together and it always looks good, but for the last couple  of years, I can't quite get the vision in my head onto the table.   So today I was bopping around Hob Lob and found this collection of things which were calling my name and saying: "we will give you the look you are after".
I got the tablecloth for half price last month at Kohl's with an acorn pattern that looks hand-drawn.  I'm thinking I'm going to take the silk flowers and twiggy things back, but I  LOVE the acorns!  And the swirly pattern on the paper goods mimics the pattern on the creamy candle.
I have these (ugh) gold chargers which are just asking to be spray painted but I don't know yet what color...chocolate brown? Cream? And I want to get a solid color chocolate or coffee-colored natural looking ribbon to tie around the candle, maybe tuck in a little sprig of something, too.
Everything was HALF PRICE.  I also found this sweet carved heart - it's actually quite large - for $3.40.
It was calling my name, too.
So, today I am going to spend time cleaning out my pantry,
coming up with a menu, and making a BIG list.
What's on your get ready to do agenda?

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