Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Camp Rustown Ranch Mix

I love recipes that call for Ranch Dressing mix- I like to make my own jalapeno dressing a la Chuy's, Ranch Baked Chicken,  and Taco Rio (either beef or chicken).  Making homemade Ranch Dressing is a snap, especially since there are recipes for it all over the intranet.  Find one you like that can serve as a basic recipe, then make it your own!  For mine I varied the amounts of the key ingredients.  But I could always have added smoke paprika, celery salt, etc.  This time I stuck to the classic combo of flavors.  HEB had coupons for spices this week!
Camp Rustown Ranch Mix
1 12 oz canister of buttermilk powder
3/4 c. dried parsley
5 T garlic powder
4 T onion powder
4 T dried dill
3 T dried chives
1 1/2 T black papper
2 T fine sea salt

 I mixed it all in a big mixing bowl with my trusty whisk and spooned it into a 32 ounce canning jar.
These jars were leftover from a Christmas project a couple of years ago - I got them on Amazon. But you can use any size container that is large enough.   I love how you can see all of the spices and herbs in the glass jar, though.
To use, I will spoon out 3 tablespoons or so to equal one packet of store-bought Ranch Dressing mix.  And because it is summer, I will most likely keep it in the fridge along with my grated parmesan cheese - my kitchen stays too warm in the summer to leave them out.  I'm looking forward to trying it tonight in some of that jalapeno dressing with our taco salads!
Do you ever "make your own"?

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bj said...

o, smart to make your own....I love that.
A friend and I had lunch today and 2 stores we visited were having awesome sales...I did quite a lot of Christmas shopping as we have 10 grands + 3 of their mates and 3 great-grands...I have to shop all year long...and actually it's only 6 months until Dec...


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