Friday, April 22, 2016

More thrift fun in April!

I took advantage of being in the right area of town to visit a couple of thrift stores on Burnet Road.  {I called it my little sussie for donating blood that day.}  It's as good an excuse as any to bop around the thrift stores and eat lunch out.  I highly recommend the Kimchi Fries here.  I don't regret one bite.
Silk ties for $1 each at The Assistance League.  Wonder if Hubby realizes I am partial to buying him red ties?
 A crochet doily for $3, tiny frame for $1.50, Murano glass stopper for $2, and that strange cross stitch book mark - I have a mind to re-donate that.  I also found books for 50 cents each - until our neighborhood library re-opens I guess I will have to find paperbacks in the thrift stores.
At Savers I found a cute bunny couple, and a BRAND NEW pair of Keds for $10.  Never been worn!  These retail for $40 on Zappos - I know because I was on the wait list for these exact ones in black!
The little bunny couple cracked me up.  They will go into my Easter stash and come out to dance in my china cabinet next Spring.


bj said...

Great treasures and I did the same thing yesterday and a few days before that..found some things I was pretty sure I couldn't live without and there is a post in draft about every one of sure to come back by when you see THRIFTING in my post title....
Thanks for coming by to see our (not shown) is graduating from college with a business (not shown) plans on being in the medical field and the twins have no ideas yet...:)

bj said...

back again today..:)
the bakery I buy the bread at is United or Market Street...if you have one in your town, bet they do make it...I buy off the day old in Walmart, too...donuts, little cakes, french bread.....


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