Monday, January 19, 2015

Lazy Bean Pot

When I was growing up, a pot of beans on the stove meant my mother was having to be as frugal as possible - probably because payday was a few days away and she was single mom to three kids.
 And she never used a crockpot.  But I have discovered over the years that my peeps LOVE a big pot of whatever kind of beans seasoned with whatever leftover meat we may have.  They could care less that it is frugal. Last week I plopped the leftover ham bone from Christmas into the crockpot with a pound of dried butter beans and enough water to cover the beans a couple of inches.  I added a tablespoon of the seasoning blend I make, and then I just walked away.  (I never soak the beans, but I sort for rocks and rinse them)
Hours later, perfection.  The only thing my peeps requested as a side was cornbread and chopped onion.  I'm glad they like beans so much - Christmas bills are arriving...a crockpot of beans is a win all around!

1 comment:

Lady Lilith said...

Yummy. I love bean dinners in a slow cooker. Filled with flavor and goodness.


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