Friday, September 5, 2014

5 thing Friday - clouds, birthday blues, Fall decor, jewelry, sign

It's been an OK week.  We're all trying to get back into the school/band/college/work groove here, but it's been a rough start with my SIL passing.  Looking forward to a better week soon...meanwhile..
 The humidity and heat are back.  Don't let these dark clouds fool you into thinking we will actually get rain.  They are merely there to taunt my trees and grass.  Thunder apparently means nothing, too.
 The Girl turns 23 next week.  23!  I might not get to Waco next Friday, which pains me.  She said the next time she is coming home is Thanksgiving.  I work Thanksgiving.  So, yeah.  Eventually mama will bake girlie a cake!
I pulled all of the Fall crap out yesterday to start Fall-ifying in here.  I am over Summer.  I made a gigantic mess all over the dining room, but I got everything prettied up so now the house is clean and smells good and looks great. More pics coming soon.
 Here is a little bit of it in the kitchen.  A couple of Fall bushes in a cookie crock next to my cookbook collection.  I've been able to re-use sprigs of greenery and excelsior and florist foam.  I actually buy less and recycle more.
 Did you know that James Avery will clean up to 10 pieces of your JA jewelry at a time fo free?  I only took four things in, but they all looked so shiny it was like getting four new pieces!  I need to take Hubby's silver/gold ring and his cross in.  And I need The Girl to get her finger sized so we can order her "class ring".
I don't know why I ever took down my homemade No Soliciting sign but I finally made a new one.  Someone at the door actually told me they weren't trying to sell me anything, as they were standing about a foot from the door.  Step off, dude.  Sorry, but the sign means I don't want to give opinions or sign petitions, either.  Hopefully this will decrease some of the aggravation...
Like I said, better days are coming!

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Simply LKJ said...

We will miss our baby girl's 21st birthday this year. She is however hoping to be home for fall break, and we are going down for sure for Homecoming. It is so hard to be away from them during their birthday. Your fall decor looks lovely. It is sooo hot here too, but not quite as hot as it is there that's for sure and we have gotten some much needed rain this week. Started teaching my littles Bible this week, so it has been busy. James Avery is great about polishing things. We need to order a class ring too!!


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