Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spare room, here and there

You gotta admire the ruthless efficiency Bubbie portrays when hanging out in his room.
Wish he were better at not destroying his furniture.  Case in point is the office chair in the background of this pic. It survived about a year or so...
The back of it got destroyed,  And I was tempted to put it out in the trash when I spied that someone on another blog just recovered theirs.  And I thought, I can do that, too!
 Wa-la!  Instant stool for my sewing table.  With the perfect combo of colors, too.
Remember this fabric?  All it took was some scissors and a staple gun.  I love that I can lower it to fit snugly underneath the cabinet for storage.
 Also, this plain Jane switchplate cover got some modge podge magic.
 And a pink lamp from The Girl's childhood bedroom got a paint job.
 I forgot how versatile spray paint is - this is paint and primer in one.  Brilliant!
Eventually, I can post pics of the whole spare room.  
For now, it's all the little things in progress...

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