Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Miscellaneous Wednesday

It's Wednesday, and since I like to post on my little blog about three times a week, I ought to have something to say.  But, it's like my mind is on Spring Break, too.  And it's weird having no one up and stirring, so the quiet of it all is a little paralyzing...but here are some random plans and thoughts for today:
The kitchen looks like this every. single. morning.  It's so tiresome.  The dishwasher is full of clean things, so it just didn't get unloaded and reloaded last night.  I wish I could break that damn cycle.
 At least the gourmet breakfast I have set out is all ready for sleepy people.  I will start jostling them at 10ish, I think.  We want to get out and get some photography done today, as well as thrift shop, and eat lunch out.  "Bopping around", the boys call it.
Here is where I've been planting myself, trying to finish Life of Pi, which I started over a month ago.  I vow to finish it today, then check out some new library books. We've only gone to one movie, The Great and Powerful Oz, and it was good.  But I think we will go see a dollar movie tomorrow and pack our own snacks.  And I want to tear Bubbie away from watching YouTube videos...
And maybe give myself a pedi.  We are back to zero humidity air and gorgeous days.  Not that I want it to rain all of Spring Break, but my feet and hands are crone-like. I need a new, fun Spring color on my old toesies.
Things are sitting in various degree of un-finish, such as a bag of supplies sitting next to the cookbooks in the kitchen, reminding me that I miss The Girl and want to mother her a little by taking her some things and feed her, and a birthday gift for a co-worker that I need to finish up...
My breakfast - a gift of pie last night from Hubby who only ate half of it at a meeting at Quack's.  I want to go to this place.  But I guess before I consider doing anything else, I need to get my chores done and figure out exactly where we are going today.  How's your Spring Break going?  Any exciting plans?

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Michelle said...

I started my chores ,then set down to see what is going on in blog land. Guess I should get started again. Some day I just don't want to do it. Ok I am getting up and getting started again. Have a great day.


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