Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Study snacks for Scout

I feel kinda bad that I've been giving Scout so much grief over pulling his grades up.  In my defense, though, he's a smart kid who can do a better job of managing his time and assignments.  I think a summer job would be very helpful for him...but in the meantime, I thought I would put together a "finals care package" for him:
It just so happens that all the goodies I picked out for him fit into one of those large rectangular zip loc containers:  a Coke, trail mix, cheese Ritz, his fav candy bar, popcorn, gum, and smarties.  Get it?  Smarties?
I buy them for my kids on big test days - kind of an inside joke around here..
I wrote some encouraging notes on the lid and parked it on his desk. 
Good Luck on your finals, Scout.  Your Junior year of high school is coming on fast...

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Terry said...

Oh wow. I would definitely be sitting at that desk, at least until all the goodies were finished, lol. What a great motivator. Thanks for sharing.

Jill of all Trades said...

That is funny! When I was really little, I thought eating Smartie's made you smart. I snuck some in my desk all the time and would pop a few everytime the teacher turned her back. I hope they helped your son ace his finals. :)

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

That is such an awesome idea Gina! It's so funny because those 'smarties' are called 'rockets' in Canada. And our 'smarties' are candy coated chocolate similar to M & M's. They sell them in Canada and the UK. I am sure he loved his snack box! I might do that for my daughter for exams coming up! Angie xo


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