Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Clothing clean out - and a goal

 See these jeans?  Size 14 - but they may as well be size 12, they fit me so tightly. 
Oh, they are worn.  Very much so.  
They used to be the ones I used for yard work...apparently a while back...
 And I am ashamed I had to extend the loop to make them fasten last time I wore them.  But it inspired me to go through my clothes and throw out the "crutches" keeping me from enjoying all the great things I could be wearing!
I must have thrown out half a dozen tees that were stained or otherwise just big and sloppy.  Why was I holding on to things I can no barely stand to wear?  Now I have space in the tee shirt drawer to add some cute tees!  An incentive to keep eating healthy and drop a few more pounds!
I did the same thing with the drawer that holds shorts and workout wear.  I was on a roll!
The closet was next - a lot of things I was wearing were simply because they fit - leaving a whole rack of stuff I really want to wear but don't feel good in any more.  That's sad!
I have some really cute skirts I used to live in.  And this rack had some size XL fleece tops.  XL.  OMG.  I had to get rid of them mostly because I don't want to fit in XL any more.  And now I can see clearly what I want to wear and can't wait to feel confident in again!
The goal is not to look like I did at 26 - half my lifetime away.  The goal is to feel more like I did at 26 - healthy and attractive.  I would have to lose 30 pounds to do so.  That might be unattainable.   But it doesn't mean I won't try...and I think I will take stock of my goals - and my closet - on a regular basis.

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