Friday, July 29, 2011

Doesn't mind the heat a bit...

Years ago my daughter and I removed the grass from the little strip between our yard and the street - you know, the grass that is hard to keep alive.  It was a chore, believe me.  We waited til school let out for the summer, and in Central Texas, the heat and humidity was already brutal.  I think the neighbors thought we had lost our minds.  It was a labor of love, though, cause here's how it looks today:
Beautiful Lantana. 
I love how it spills out over the sidewalk and curb - so English garden-like.  It's very drought resistant, but there are a couple of sprinkler heads in there, watering it every 3 or 4 days even so.  It will bloom and be absolutely beautiful through the Fall, and when it dies, I just cut it down to the ground, and it comes back the next Spring with a vengeance.  I think it's one of the nicest features of our home from the street, giving us literal "curb-side appeal".
And it makes a nice backdrop for cute teenagers (:

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