Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Owl Upcycle, take two

Recently I stumbled upon a DIY blog called Merrypad, written by the lovely Emily.  In a recent post she detailed some garage sale finds including an owl that looks exactly like one my hubby had from his college days.  This owl was a fixture in his apartment ca. 1983.
Except hers was painted a different color and wasn't as beat up as his.  I had been thinking about painting it to disquise the fact that it's been chipped so many times over the years.  See how he's missing an "ear"?  Getting rid of him was not an option, as hubby is fairly attached to it, so he had lived in the garage, getting dropped now and again....  And after I read her post I couldn't wait to get started!
I rubbed , down some of the sharp broken edges with a little sand paper.  My plan was to spray paint him an ivory color - halfway throught the job, I ran out of paint.  I added spray paint to my Wally world list...but then I remembered I had some Krylon Italian Olive left over from a lamp re-do a while back.  We have several  green things in the den, the owl's new home, so it seemed a natural fit.
OK, plus, it was free!
I'm not sure if he will live on the mantle forever.  And no, there's no real theme here....
I like the idea of painting the back wall of the bookcase and he might live there in the future.
I added new felt on the bottom of him, too.
I think he came out stately looking and hubby was glad to see him out of the garage.

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Emily said...

HOLY SNAP, we totally DO have the same owl! Yours looks so great in it's new color! Thanks for sending me the link so I could check him out!

Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

I love it! I bet your husband loves it even more! It's so nice that it found it's way into the house. Mr. Owl looks great up there. I'd love to know how I could do something like this with my hub's trophies that are collecting dust in the garage. hehehe.

Thanks for linking up with Sweets This Week!

Have a great weekend.


shopannies said...

looks great love how you have made the owl a feature rather than a norm

Mrsblocko said...

I squeeled when I saw this. My mom had this exact same owl statue when I was a kid. It used to sit on the piano.

I love what you did with yours. What a great way to cover up its little boo boo too.


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