Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas card picture taking time!

Happy Day after Turkey!  Just waiting for my peeps to wake up and get going to pick out a tree.  And I'm hoping we'll get some great pics for our Christmas card at the Elgin Tree Farm.  It's an annual "Day after Thanksgiving" trek for us that includes stopping to eat BBQ at Southside BBQ in Elgin  The lighting was great last year, and it was cold, too, so we all got into the holiday spirit, and got some nice pics.  I loved them so much, I used some of them on my blog!

I was hoping that would be the venue for our family photo this year, too, but it turns out my daughter has to work...): so I'm going to have to get creative and do one of those collage cards.  It takes the stress out of having to capture the perfect group shot with six people!  I like the ones Shutterfly has to offer this year.  Especially the one that is a "tree" made of small photos.  I also want to make a calendar for Hubby.   Making photo gifts is fun; they are so personal and special and Shutterfly has some cute designs. 
Last year this photo went on a mug: 
 And while I'm at it, I'll make one for my bloggy desk, too!
 Now if I could just get all my sleepy people up and at 'em!

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