Wednesday, December 7, 2016

This year's Christmas tree

The tree farm is one of those family traditions that Hubby is just not ready to let go of.  I think a couple of the "kids" still like it, too, so I guess until it's just the two of us, we will continue on with it!
We always mean to get there early, then Friday after Thanksgiving dawns and no one feels like getting up and moving too fast.  So, by the time we get there, they are very busy.  Which is not all that terrible according to Hubby's philosophy...where else do we have to go and what else do we have to do?
We were going to skip the tractor ride out there - our peeps are older and we can walk out to the trees ready to cut,
 But The Girl wanted Teddy to enjoy the ride.  And he did!  So many things to smell.
Firstborn was at work, otherwise I would have gotten a pic of the four of them together.  That's harder and harder to manage nowadays.
 You slow down for a minute and you will get left behind!
There are lots of photo ops, even with cloudy skies.  We missed the rain and the temps were cool, so we didn't mind the clouds.  We've been out to the tree farm in all kinds of weather.  The first year we went I was hugely pregnant with Firstborn and we walked all over the property looking for the perfect tree!
Someone had the bright idea to spray paint a few.  Surprisingly, they were selling!  Scout and I couldn't resist taking some pics of them - the purple one is probably living large in some hipster's den right now.
The one we settle on is almost always 7-8 ft tall and so wide you can't easily sit on one side of the couch and that's exactly how my peeps like it.  For them, the bigger the better in Christmas trees!  We decorated it very much like last year - mostly red and gold.  We are leaving it as is - no adding of more ornaments as we go this year.  I think the simple beauty and scent of a real tree can't be beat, but someday it might be nice to just plug in a tree and call it done. 

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