Monday, May 21, 2012

Mealplan Monday #9 with some crunchy crumbs!

I've been pretty good about finding non-oven dinners to make lately.  I average turning it on once a week, but I would love to just quit using it all-together,  Too bad there are so many good things to eat from the oven on Pinterest!  Whenever I can, I convert them to stove top.  And I use my secret weapon to make things crispy crunchy delish:
Every time we finish most of a bag of chips, crackers, or croutons, into this bag it goes, gets beat a little with rolling pin, and stored in the freezer.  I can then mix in a little seasoning, maybe some grated cheese, and voila!  Delish topping for casseroles, fish, veggies...yum yum.  A frugal tip I learned from my mom.
Monday - Pizza provided at scout meeting; the rest of us will have rotisserie chicken and sides from the pantry
Tuesday - Tuscan Chicken Stew, linguini
Wednesday - Cheddar Bacon Crumb Chicken, broccoli salad, sweet potatoes
Thursday -Freezer clean-out meal
Friday - Salmon with lemon cream sauce, green beans with crunchy crumb topping, skillet potatoes
Saturday - Dad grill, plus Frito Salad
Sunday - Crock Pot Sweet Pulled Pork, rolls, coleslaw
I also want to scale us down to one dessert per week - people here love their desserts!  Check this one out by Megan at Crumbs and Chaos - Chocolate PB Marshmallow Bars - if I'm going to have the oven on Wednesday night anyway.....

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Shannon @ Cozy Home Scenes said...

The tip about saving crackers and such for crumbs is a great tip. I do that too with the ends of bread or stale bread that nobody eats. I toast them, then chop them up in my clean coffee grinder. Then I have bread crumbs I keep in the freezer for baking.

Thanks for stopping by Your Cozy Home Party so others can learn about this money saving tip.


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