Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Things I have to stop putting off

So, I took Scout to band camp, walked for 30 minutes, then came home to eat a bite of breakfast and check e-mail.  That was about 40 minutes ago and here I still sit...with so much to do it boggles my mind.  Maybe that's why I am frozen here, unable to start.  For starters I need to find The Girl...
...a place to live.  
"I've found a lovely university to attend, now I need an apartment! Got any suggestions?"
I also have to get her a student loan, seeing how tuition is due on the 31st.
Nothing like waiting until the last minute, right?
Then there's the matter of this:
The rest of this project I will share at a later time, but suffice it to say, it's not quite finished.  The large paver under the suffering salvia is hiding a huge hole where a post used to be.  I need to get edging installed, topsoil and sod down, and spruce up the red rocks.  And it's a bazillion degrees outside so I am dragging my feet on all I need to do, including laundry and back to school shopping.  
Guess it's time to make a glass of iced coffee and get going.

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