Monday, January 17, 2011

The bedroom chairs

I have got to do something about these chairs in the master bedroom...
and maybe if I post about it, that will help nudge me along!
I love them.  Vintage-y circa late 40's, and they've been re-covered once before.  My MIL sent them to us about 23 years ago and at the time,  the pink/gold/moss tapestry print went great with our bedroom.  In fact, the buyer of our first house wanted them thrown in the deal.  NO.
They have damage on the sides where the cat sharpened his claws.  And they are FILTHY and getting threadbare. Not to mention, I don't have that color scheme in here and it's always been a challenge decorating around it..
Yes, I am making a case for getting them re-upholstered, because I love having a cozy place in our bedroom to read and such.  And maybe, I will add some curtains to this area, too.  And that eucalyptus has to go...sigh.   Why does one project always morph into half a dozen projects?
Notice how one is a "male" chair" and one is "female"?  Just because of the back height.
My MIL pointed that out to me.
 And this is what I picked out - not too feminine or fussy and if I change out the accent colors in the room, 
I won't have to worry about whether the chairs will clash.
So I'm headed to Joann's for decor fabric that's half off.
Time to get this project done!


Marie said...

Somehow, I think I remember those chairs...
Your new fabric is lovely...what exact color is it?
Is that a "greenish" background?
Will you make a fabric pattern to re-cover the chairs
or have it done?
...just curious : )

The Cannary's, est. 1984 said...

The fabric is black and white, but it has a striped texture to it - and I am having a professional cover them because I don't trust my self not to muck up 14 yards of Waverly! (:

Bounty Huntress said...

Nice! Your chairs will match your blog! :)


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