Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Weekend re-cap - Brunch-ing, fajita-ing, relax-ing

On Friday, one of my errands was to go purchase a cooler for the summer.  Hubby and I have been saving our pennies and found a fantastic coupon at REI (20% OFF!) so we purchased this one:
And we put it to the test over the weekend by packing it with ice and food and heading to Burnet.  First up was Brunch in the Vines at TNL.
 It started out overcast and super windy, but cool.  We enjoyed a sparkling chenin blanc with breakfast casserole tacos, tiny quiche, donut and brownie kebabs, and pigs in blankets.
Plus, we made four new friends who shared our table - I didn't get their pics, but I count that as living in the moment, not living in my phone!  (:
What a beautiful setting and the owners provided such a great breakfast and made us feel so welcome!
We left around 11:30, picked up our wine from the tasting room and headed over to...
Perisso's for a fajita lunch and wine pick-up.  By then the wind had died down and the weather was cool and beautiful.
 By far our favorite pick-up at this winery!  All of the wines were delightful and we were excited to know that two of our favorites were included in the allocation - Italian Stallion and Aglianico.  We bought the Racker's Blend to enjoy with our fajitas and it was fantastic.
The owners are so gracious to grill us fajitas themselves, and they walked through the crowds of people stopping to chat with wine club members.  Wineries are very friendly places!  We sat outside of the tank room and listened to live music for a bit, then headed to Highlands to relax in lawn chairs...ahhhh....
Saturday night we grilled salmon and veggies for dinner and sat outside of the barn watching far-off lightening.  You couldn't hear the thunder but you knew it had to be a huge storm judging from us being able to see it from so far away.
The next day the rain came (dark clouds in the distance)  We ate breakfast and putseyed around, but the thunderstorms were intense enough to keep us under shelter. Around noon it let up enough for us to enjoy our cheese and cracker snack outside, and watch a wild turkey amble through, looking for bugs, I guess.
It was pretty much a day of getting nothing done, and days like that are a great way to start the week.  We left around 5, enjoyed a quick snack at Sonic (which is becoming a ritual of sorts), then headed home to make dinner.  Bring on the rest of the week - I am on call next weekend, so it will be a while before I get back.  {And p.s. - as of Tuesday morning, the cooler was still full of ice!}

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