Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Weekend re-cap - Marble Falls, Hamilton, Burnet

It's usually Wednesday before the weekend wears off for me - whether good or bad. (mostly good)  It seems like we're in the thick of it by Wednesday, so it wanes a little after that...but weekends help get us through the week, so...maybe I should do a regular re-cap of them.
Johnny Lee
I was off last Friday, rushing around getting things done - laundry, raking, cleaning carpets, getting an oil change.  Feeling generous, I ordered Bubbie and his gf a couple of pizzas for lunch.  Then as I was rushing out of the door to pick them up, he announced to me she was going to be very late for lunch as she was in line at DPS and they were skipping lunch and going kayaking.  GRRRRR.  TEENAGERS!! So when Hubby got home, I shoved that pizza into the fridge and we LEFT the house.  We headed to Marble Falls for dinner at this fun place where we enjoyed oysters, crawfish, catfish, and live music.  We ended the day gazing at the stars at Highlands, totally pooped.
 Hubby is a silly man on weekends!
The next day we headed out to Red Wing Dove Winery in Hamilton.  Its such a low key, friendly place - they don't do a wine club.  Instead they plan out fun stuff for everyone to enjoy - I really like that.  This particular Saturday they had a table spread of green deviled eggs, guacamole, Shepherd's Pie, and cupcakes, among other green foods.  We played cards, ladder golf, and washers and enjoyed watching a thunderstorm roll in.  We had picked up some brats to grill, so we headed to Highlands to build our campfire - still dry there.
The next day we enjoyed a Mexican breakfast at our fav place in Burnet, picked up some stuff we needed at Wal-Mart, then putseyed around Highlands for the day.  I didn't think to take pics of the projects, but it included putting those decals on the trailer, along with other small odd jobs.  At 2:30 p.m. we took a break to enjoy the sun and a bottle of wine before another thunderstorm rolled through, right around 5 p.m.  Those two days went pretty fast but we had a lot of fun and downtime.  And this weekend, we will be there again, but just for Sunday Funday - no chores to be done!

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