Friday, March 16, 2018

5 thing Friday - a mixed drink, pretty pot, chicken pot pie, decals, Spring

Hubby and I enjoy a mixed drink now and again...
Last week, we used up the last of some tequila by mixing it with Central Market's Italian Sicilian Lemon soda and half a squeezed lime over lots of ice.  It sure hit the spot.  I'll call it the Sicilian Sombrero!
 Years ago, my Brownie girl decorated this terra cotta pot for me, but I could never get anything to live in it for long...I finally gave up and purchased a $1 succulent from Dollar Tree.  Now my pretty pot sits in the kitchen reminding me of my sweet girlie.  I think I can keep this one alive.
Chicken pot pie with leftover cubed chicken chunks, cream of poblano soup, leftover veggies, and homemade crust.  Oh, man.
I ordered some giant decals for the new-to-us trailer up at Highlands.  We have the smaller version on our vehicles.  Fun!
Spring is here!  Maybe it's not official, but don't tell that to my fig tree who is budding out.  Once my heel gets all healed (ha!) it will be time to work on the yards and rebuild the back deck at Camp Rustown.  Why does Spring make you want to get busy?  Maybe because nature is, too!

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