Friday, October 27, 2017

Cleaning the white

We have a lot of white at our house - grout, laminate, I use bleach to freshen all that up and make them look good.  But I hate that the spray cleaner you buy at the store has other stuff in it I don't want - I only want basic bleach, scented..  And it's pricey to buy those spray cleaners.  So I resolved to mix up my own.
I went to Dollar Tree and bought some spray bottles, then mixed about a quarter of a cup bleach with the water and poured it into the bottle.  I think it's about a 20% solution, but math is not my strong point.  I put one in each bathroom and one under the kitchen sink.  I also bought an extra spray bottle for water to spray on items I iron, such as Hubby's shirts and the occasional scrub top.  To that I added a few drops of essential oil.
I saw one the bottle where they don't advise you use bleach in them, but I figure I diluted it enough and I used regular bleach, not the "ultra" kind.  Time will tell.  But for now, it's a quick grab to spritz on the counters, or in the shower, to keep stains and mold at bay.  Anything that saves me some heavy duty cleaning later on has to be  good thing.  Whatcha think?

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