Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Rainy day kitchen cleaning

I got into a cleaning and purging mode on Monday since I had already done my grocery shopping on it was raining.  Which is always a good time to do some sprucing indoors.  It all started with me wanting to order a farmhouse mug holder, then remembering I have a small mug tree under a cabinet that I used during the holidays.  That made no sense to me.  Why not put it out and see if that's something I want to keep using?  Make space in the coffee cup cabinet for K-cups and other hot drink related items?
Its been since January that I went through the cabinets and drawers, and things were starting to get messy and disorganized.  Plus, I really wanted to clear off the countertops a bit more.  So starting with one thing, it morphed into a full-fledged kitchen clean up!
I made space in the pantry to store the crockpot I use twice a week.  Took the small wine rack off the cabinet by the cookbooks and set my owl cannisters and recipe box over there.  Got rid of a couple of gadget-y things we don't use, including paring down the dishtowels and a bunch of plastic cutlery. Washed all of my potholders and the linings to the small baskets that we have vitamin bottles in. (note to self: sew two new ones) 
I gave all of the tops a wipe down with bleach water and mopped the floors.  Then I set out my wax tart burner in a spot that would scent my kitchen and actually get used more often.  It felt good to spend some time focusing on my little kitchen that I spend so much time in!  And now it makes me want to tackle some other spaces in the house...

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Simply LKJ said...

It always feels good to clean out and reorganize. Especially the kitchen as we use it so much. Raining here, so I just may have to tackle ours ;-)


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