Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What has Scout been up to?

Let's see...I haven't written about Scout in a while. 
Lately he's...
broken up with his girlfriend, and is dating no one,
working on building himself a new computer,
publishing his electronic music under the name Stratos,
in line for a promotion at the photography studio he works at, and
still doing his own freelance photography thing, too.
Scout isn't interested in furthering his college experience and I haven't pushed - to each his own.  I haven't talked to Hubby about if and when we will force that issue.  He is a decent "house guest" - he rarely makes a mess he doesn't clean up, is willing to pitch in around the house, and is generally available to his family for help (like rescuing Bubbie when he discovered a flat tire after work).  And Austin is not exactly economically friendly to 20 somethings out on their own.
I don't feel like we "baby" Scout by letting him live at home a while longer - I don't clean anything in his room or do his laundry.  He is responsible for paying his cell phone and car note.  And it wouldn't make our house note less not to let him stay.  In other words, completely different than the situation we had with Firstborn.
So, for now, status quo.
But in the next year or so, he will need to figure out what direction to launch himself into and leave the nest. 

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The Happy Whisk said...

Seems bittersweet, but I'm not sure if that's the right word?


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