Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wednesday Menus #10, and Freezer Meals #17

Next week I am working some extra hours.  So, I wanted to be sure I had things to plop into the crock pot.  I would love to try a bunch of new things, but I picked several that were sort of tried and true, and added one or two new ones.  It's been since August that I have made a batch of more than one or two meals.  So I bought groceries yesterday, then hurried home to assemble them while Scout and GF ate leftover chicken tacos at the table.  Now she knows my secret - I'm not a great cook.  More like a Cook of Opportunity!
Most of these are for the crock.
I made:
Pomegranate Beef from A Year of Slow Cooking
Shredded Pork for Tacos
Ranch BBQ Chicken
Sweet Oniony Turkey - 1/2 jar carmelized onions, 1 can cranberry jelly, one 5# turkey breast
Mexican Chicken
Pesto Chicken (skillet)
And a pork roast that used the other half of the carmelized onions along with various spices
I am careful to stack my blobs of gallon zip locs until they are frozen, then they will all go onto the same shelf.
This week we are eating:
Wednesday - Crockpot Poor Man's Stew
Thursday - Turkey Pot Pie
Friday - Crunchy Crumbs Fish with peppers and onions, quinoa
Saturday - Dad grill
Sunday - Crockpot Pork Roast, baked 'fried' okra (hubby bought two bags of these recently, and this is the extra one)
Monday - Chicken Enchiladas, corn
Tuesday - Meat patties with brown gravy, mashed, peas (a fav meal of Hubbys' from college)
Dessert is a St. Patrick's Pistachio Bundt cake from The Cake Mix Doctor
I didn't make as big of a mess as I thought - admittedly, the kitchen was not neat when I started.  I managed to get the dishwasher unloaded and reloaded quickly, though.  And some wine was had...

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