Friday, March 17, 2017

The bunnies came out...

I don't know yet how much time off I will have on Easter, if any, but I am still looking forward to a nice Easter dinner with my peeps.  I decided I may as well make the house a little Springy-er.  And yes, I know it's St. Pat's day, but I'm not Irish, so...
 I pulled out some things here and there that say Spring to me, and that almost always involves yellow flowers and bunnies!
 Sometimes moss, too!
 I'm pretty much the only one at home who notices, I think!
But I love that when the house is clean and smells nice, and I see the bunnies, I know that Spring is here!  And maybe the boys do notice that the seasons are changing when the decor changes a bit, who knows...
Summer can't be far behind so we need to enjoy these cool, sunny days as long as we can!

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